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  • PANELS لوحة الحماية ELECTA SOLAR

    SIZE                                                                       PRICE

    30*40*20                                                              675

    40*50*20                                                               950

    40*60*25                                                              1100

    50*70*30                                                               1580

    60*80*30                                                              2255

    60*100*40                                                             3420

    80*100*40                                                            3940

    100*120*50                                                          5860

    100*140*50                                                          7150

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  • بطاريات نيو ماكس Newmax SG 12V 100Ah ELECTA SOLAR

    5,000EGP 4,200EGP

    NEWMAX Solar gel batteries are true maintenance-free sealed batteries engineered specially to satisfy the need for frequent deep cycles from PVs and renewable energy storage applications. We are confident that our technology-intensive, long-lasting, and environment friendly SG batteries will provide stability and efficiency for your everyday renewable energy needs

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  • Digital Multimeter with Temperature Measurement

    2,000EGP 1,585EGP


    Temperature measurement (-20C – 500C) Tilt stand and test lead holder on rear side Display hold &  range hold functions Auto power off Reset function …

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  • IR Thermometer

    3,000EGP 2,875EGP


    • Brand : CEM
    • Type : Temperature & Humidity

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  • Neewer Adm02 Multi Mini Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter

    1,000EGP 850EGP


    • NCV(The non-contact voltage detection ) and ABS wheel sensors makes it more convenient to test AC/DC Voltage, Current(AMP), Resistance, Diode
    • Backlit LCD Display and digital LED light make a real difference in low light areas
    • Small-size pocket mete, handy and useful for household
    • Designed to safely and accurately troubleshoot from as little as checking house …
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  • Palm-Size Portable Handheld Digital Multimeter

    900EGP 730EGP


    Transistor: √ Diode: √ Continuity Buzzer: √ Low Battery Display: √ Input Impedance for DC Voltage Measurement: 10MΩ Data Hold: √ Max Display: 1999 Display Backlight: √ Specifications: Model: UT30C DC Voltage (V): 200mV/2000mV/20V/200V/500V ±(0.5%+2) AC Voltage (V): 200V/500V ±(1.2%+10) DC Current (A): 2000uA/20mA/200mA/10A ±(1%+2) Re …

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  • Pocket Multimeter

    1,700EGP 1,500EGP


    ■3-3 / 4 digits 4000 count■0.8% best accuracy■Analog bar graph■Compact storage of test leads■Test lead can be snapped into a fixed position  atop the case.Display : numeral display 4000, bar graph 40 segmentsSampling rate : 1.3 times / sec., 13 times / sec. for bar graphAC frequency bandwidth : 45〜1kHz …

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  • Sanwa Cd772 Digital Multimeter

    2,200EGP 2,000EGP


    • 3-3/4 digits 4000 count
    • AC True RMS
    • Easy to read large LCD with Backlight
    • Large breaking capacity fuse 30kA
    • K-type thermocouple temperature measure ment -20℃〜300℃
    • Thermo plastic elastomer, high resistance against drop shock
    • Safety cap on current terminal
    • Data hold, Range hold, Relative function
    • Continuity che …
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  • Tarri Cordless Grounding Wrist Band Anti Static Strap, Blue

    100EGP 75EGP


    • An Anti static ESD cordless wrist strap is made of elastic conductive fabric.According to the corona discharge,the static generated by human boday is discharged from the cover box.It performe good ESD protection without the coiled cord connectting to the grounder,which makes it very flexible for the users.
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