Solar power plant Grid Alex

  • Client: Army force
  • Location: Alex 2016
  • Surface Area: 1000 m2
  • Year Complete: 2016
  • Value: $1500000
  • Supervising Engineer: Abd alsamea Mahmoud

Installation of amenities solar station 93 KW at top surface of the mall, as well as take advantage of the surface as a cafeteria and restaurants on an area of 1500 m

Costumers Wishes

solar power plant at roof of mall . he use of the surface of the mall to produce electricity as well as the bottom of the station uses a cafeteria and coffee shop, restaurant    . The electricity is supplied at the point of use, thus avoiding the losses which occur in electricity distribution (these average 7% in the UK). It can be used at any scale – from less than a kWp on an individual home up to MWp scale systems on large public buildings – and is simple and reliable. Because of this.

Finishing Process

Work was completed during the G-week and handed over to the Ministry of Electricity., and helps highlight the potential for renewable energy.