About Us

We are the first one who make solar pumps system (now more than 200 solar pumps project )

We creation the hot/cold system for chicken farms. We make all off-Grid system , all ON –Grid system .

We looking for helping Africa countries Government to solve all power problems.

Why ELECTA is  The best choice???

-Considerable experience in solar energy projects ON Grid &Off Grid .

-Using high quality materials.

-Have Smart  solutions for energy

our mission

electa  goal is to make  using solar is the first choice for energy and applied in all industrial , agricultural areas and residential and replaced other types of fuel by solar in Egypt and all Africa countries which have god weather and sun shine  throughout the year.

To achieve our vision we had taking points which able us to achieve this goal:

1) Training team at the highest level of technical to manufacturing and installation as well as the inclusion of engineering and scientific elements , Scientific research for  this team to ensure development and innovation process to creation the best solution with the beast cost..

2) have  factory to manufacture all parts required for installation ,that  reduce import as well as and ability to implement ideas and creation solutions.

3) have branches over all Egypt to ease communication with customers as well as the speed of response to  maintenance

4) partners and cooperation with major solar products factories in the world.

5) cooperation with all national banks to provide facilities in payment and reduce the cost to everyone.

our vision

Because solar is a source of energy which is non-polluting and renewable, solar system create power without using fossil fuels. so solar is the power of natural

Clean energy for the future

Use it now for a greener planet!

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meet our team

John Miller
CEO & Founder
Stephen Wales
Technical Director
Susan Kierman
Marketing Director
Kevin Fredrickson
CEO & Founder